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My wife and I have a special kind of relationship. I let her sleep with as many men as she wants, as long as I can watch it all happen. She's got a thing for exhibitionism, and I've got my own voyeuristic qualities. We have great success finding men who will sleep with my wife while I watch through a web site called

It's a UK based web site for both women who are cheating, and men who are looking to get in touch with married women. Many of these ladies and gentlemen aren't quite like us, with the fact that their other half actually knows what's going on. Sometimes that's a bit of a turn off to the guys. They like the fact that they can go there and have that feeling of doing something forbidden. Luckily, though, we've also found quite a few men who are interested in having sex with married women, and not really care who knows or who watches.

We make our intentions known right away, that I'm looking for a man to sleep with my wife, right in the profile we made at That way there's little confusion on the lad's part about what he's getting involved in. We've actually met a few men who have taken part in swinger type relationships before so they aren't all too new to this game - which is a bit of a relief at times.

For us, besides the fact that the profiles are easy to update and include the whole thing about us and our fetish, is that it's UK centric. There are so many of these kind of sites that are based in the United States, and no one wants to take a 9+ hour plane right to sleep with my wife - as gorgeous and amazing in the sack as she is. We're able to find couples all over Great Britain - even get as specific as trying to find men who live in the greater Bristol area like we do. It's also ideal for when we do our dirty weekends away. We can get in touch with men who live down South, in the Lake District, or even in London for a adventurous shag on the weekend. is really quite simple to use. It's like a lot of other dating sites out there that are for single people. You register at the site, create a profile listing your likes, dislikes, and what you are looking for. You can either search through other profiles to get in touch with men you find would be a good match, or wait to see if any men contact you. We find the second method the most appropriate for us, since we aren't able to see if the guys we would contact would be open to having me watch while they sleep with my wife unless they've specifically put it in their profile.

We've also met a few couples on the site who are like us. We typically don't seek out swingers, since I'm not really all too interested in sleeping with another woman. Although, I have been able to watch some exciting threesomes after meeting couples like that. One pair even asked me to video tape it for them. Our own little homemade porn movie - which I find great on those days when neither of us are up for some action, but still wouldn't mind being a bit nosey. I never thought that would be such a social hub for us, but it's pretty much everything we could look for with our own sex life at one web site.

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