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Hi ladies. I'm Ruby, a 32 year old lesbian from Manchester. I've got a particular talent that you might be interested in. You see, I enjoy having relationships with women (obviously), but a particular kind of woman. The kind who are married to men, who are unhappy, and are looking for something a bit different. Maybe you're bi-curious and want something that your husband can't give you. Maybe you're an actual lesbian who needed to marry a man to keep your family happy. Maybe you're straight but just want to see what all the girl-on-girl fuss is about. Whatever your situation, I have been helping neglected cheating wives for quite some time now.

I'll give you a peek into how it all works. Let's discuss my last relationship, with a cute little thing named Tina. Tina was married for only a few months, but regretted that she never tapped in on her bi-curiosity when she was younger and single. After having a chat with her husband, who gave his OK for her to look for a woman to have a one night stand with, she registered on a site that I frequent, She made her profile, and was sure it was clear that she was searching for a woman to have a fling with - not a man, not a longer term relationship. is full of neglected cheating wives, who are looking to have some fun outside their marriage. It's not all girls looking to do some muff diving. To be honest, it's mostly straight chicks looking for a lad. But, there are a few open minded ladies who are in search of a lady just like me.

Tina and I met at a lesbian pub down in the village, had a few drinks to make the mood that much more appealing, We soon went back to my hotel room, and got started on a ‘night of learning', as I like to call it. She enjoyed my pussy eating skills, and I taught her a thing or two about how to use her tongue to tease a woman. Since she was used to cock, and liked the feel of it in her pussy, I made sure to get some strap on loving in there as well. My dildo, though, is longer and thicker than any dick she would be likely to come across in the near future!

Most of the neglected cheating wives on are pretty intrigued at the fact that having an affair with another woman is even an option for them. I guess that they never really thought before that didn't need to be with another man. They're just unhappy that their husband isn't giving them the kind of attention they are looking for. What better way to make sure that all aspects of a relationship are pleasurable than to have another woman – who already knows a woman's wants and needs? They get their intro to the lesbian world. I get the pleasure of teaching them the skills they'll need. It's a win-win situation, in my book.

The funny thing is, I logged into a few weeks later, and saw that Tina had changed her profile to say that she was looking for a more long term relationship with another woman. Who knows if I woke up something in her that made her realize that she didn't need to be among the neglected cheating wives who actually wanted to have a real lesbian relationship, or she just liked the fact that she had the go-ahead to have an affair with another pussy. At any rate, I feel my job was completed successfully!

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