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I do love reading erotica. It's best when I can download it on my Kindle, and I can make sure that no one knows that I'm reading cheating wives stories by having a sneak peek at the cover. I'm a cheating wife myself, so I really feel a connection with these types of ebooks. They're great for getting ideas on how to make sure that you're not discovered, as well as getting over any last feelings of guilt that you might have. I've also found another way to connect with cheating wives -

It's a web site where unhappy wives from all over the United Kingdom can get together and discuss their extramarital affairs. But even better, it's a place where a cuckold can find a new boy toy. At its heart, is a dating site for married women who are hoping to turn their cheating wives stories into a reality.

After registering with the site, you're asked to complete a profile, with as much or as little detail as you'd like to reveal. I've found that leaving little bit to the imagination works the best. Over-filled profiles make you seem a bit desperate! Once that is completed, you can either start looking through the profiles of the men on the site who are searching for a married woman, or wait for them to find you. Alternatively, you can also find married housewives who live around you to make a connection with, and befriend. Sometimes it can be difficult living in this extramarital world on your own, so having someone else you can discuss things with and not be judged is a definite plus.

My cheating wives story goes something like this. I've been married for 12 years, all but the first two of them quite unhappy. Once the honeymoon was over, my husband started seeking the beds of other women. We both still cared for each other, but at the end of the day, we enjoyed sex with other people. I gave him my blessing, he gave me his, and we started our open relationship. I've had a few short term relationships with other men, but the problem is that the majority of them either had an issue with the fact that I was married, or wanted to have a more committed relationship than what I was looking for.

That's what is great about The men there know that you are already married, and don't have any problems with it at all. You can be up forward with them right away if you are only looking for a no strings attached relationship, a one night stand, or even something more committed and long term. Yes, not all cheating wives stories are bosom-heaving romances. Some of us just want a good shag and that's it!

When I found Mike on, I let him know right away what I wanted, and what I was into. We exchanged photos and even had a few video chats before we met to make sure we were into each other. We connected on that level, and there has never been any sort of emotional rubbish to sort through. We meet when we want, we have mind-blowingly amazing sex, and then we go our separate ways. Just the way an affair should be, in my opinion. I'm not looking for a second husband, I'm looking for a fuck!

If you're looking to create your own cheating wives story, and want some real life inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, make sure to join to find the right kind of people to keep you satisfied.

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