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When I got married - too young and dumb for that sort of commitment, in my opinion - I thought I could spend the rest of my life with one man. Well, after a few years now, I've come to the realization that it's not going to happen. Whether it's the seven year itch, the fact that he's gotten older, fatter, and balder, or the problems he's got in the sack, there are a number of reasons that I'm married but looking. Sure, the vows are 'till death us do part', and I don't plan on leaving him any time soon, but I need a bit of fun and games outside our marital bedroom to keep my libido in check.

So, I started checking out my options. Going down to the local pub was out of the question. Too many nosey gits who would open their mouths the first chance they got after seeing me chat up another guy. It's not like I could really use my friends to network and find me a date like you can when you are single. I could try bars and clubs in nearby Manchester, but it's a bit of trek if I'm not going to actually pull. I tried a few regular online dating sites, but those don't really cater to women who are married but looking. Don't get me started on those ads in the newspapers. Half the time they are for paid male escorts looking for work, and the other half it's just plain weirdoes. I could go to swinger's clubs and parties, but the whole group-sex thing isn't my cup of tea. I wasn't really sure what my other options were.

I started looking online again, at dating sites specifically for ladies who are married but looking. It was hard going at first, since I really needed someplace centred in England, and the majority of these kind of sites are in the United States. Then I found the jackpot - One of the best aspects about this site is that it's tailored to women who live in Great Britain and are looking for extramarital affairs. It's like they read my mind! Soon enough I was sat at the computer, with my cup of cocoa and a smile on my face, browsing through the profiles of all these hot guys who were looking for a bit of fun with a married woman. Apparently, the whole married-woman thing is really a turn on for some lads. is completely secure as well. I can reveal as much or as little details about myself as I want. There are no nosey neighbours who are all about getting into your business if you're trying to pull in public. You can be married but looking from the warmth and safety of your own home. It's also quite easy to sign up and get started. What I would suggest, though, is to expand your horizons a bit - especially if you are from a small town like me. Yes, there might be another couple of people who are married but looking in your immediate area, but if your town is anything like mine, either you'll know them, or you'll know someone who does! I live outside Stockport, in a small hill town in the Peak District. I have kept my searching to those men living in Manchester to avoid any small town folks like me.

If you're searching for a non-judgemental place, based in the United Kingdom, where a woman can go to find a man for an extramarital affair, ticks all those boxes in one web site.

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